Welcome to virtual OneWorld Alliance!

Tired of the "same ol" VA...  then this is the place for you.  Here at vOWA we are not about all that "same ol" stuff, we are about getting together, flying, and having a good time enjoying each other's company.  Here you will be able to fly any of the OneWorld partner aircraft (current fleet, or retro fleet) or flights, including their subsidiaries, which means YES, you can do cargo flights if that's what you want to do.  We encourage you to use the airlines scheduled callsigns if you are flying a scheduled route, or you can use your OWA pilot ID if you are flying a charter.  There will be no CEO, VP's, Hub Managers or politics, just fly and log your flight the administrative team will do the rest to ensure your logbook is up to date. You can ask questions in our forums, and/or join us while you fly in our TS3.

Founded by Scott DeWoody, Josh Webb and Volker Jacob

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